Memorial Wall Application


Over the years, we have heard so many amazing stories from the public regarding pit bulls who are no longer with us.  Losing a dog can be paralyzing and the sadness overwhelming, and coping with such loss can be extremely difficult.  We at For the Love of Pits® have found that sharing stories of our dogs who have passed helps us deal with the grief. 

For a $10 donation, we will dedicate a Honor-A-Bull Memorial Wall brick to your pit bull and, if you choose, create an entire page dedicated solely to your deceased pit.  You may provide up to 20 pictures, a write-up and up to 2 videos (from you tube) for your dog’s page.*

If you are interested in sharing your dog’s story or merely remembering your dog, please donate and then complete the field below.  If you choose to include pictures and video, we will send you directions for submission.

Step 1: Donate $10 by clicking the “donate” button below or send a check to our post office address.


Step 2: Complete the form below