We at For the Love of Pits believe that, without education regarding, among other things, humane treatment of animals, safe interactions with dogs, understanding how dogs communicate, responsible ownership and discrimination, we cannot make our communities safer for humans and dogs and, therefore, we will never accomplish our goals.  This is our way to keep you informed and do what we can to improve the environments in which we live.


We have and continue to try to keep compile the best and most pertinent articles, information, studies and documents relating to training, canine behavior, scientific studies, “pit bulls,” discrimination, animal abuse and related areas.  To browse our library, please click here.


For the Love of Pits offers an array of educational programs for students of all ages.  Click here for more information.

Training Classes

For the Love of Pits provides training classes to owners of “pit bull” type dogs who are otherwise not able to afford training or who merely want to train their dogs in a nonjudgmental, friendly and supportive environment.  Our classes will help you and your dog better communicate.

To learn more about our classes, please click here.

Unfortunately, our classes are on hold until we can find a location to hold our classes.  If you are able to donate space, please contact us.