Recommended Products


 We at For the Love of Pits® are adamant that products we purchase and companies we support are of the highest quality and integrity.  Over the years, we  have tried numerous products and only the best made our lists.  These products are listed here only because we use them for our dogs and/or purchase them for our households and not because we have received donations or are receiving a benefit from any of these companies.  Our integrity means everything and we only endorse the best for no other reason than we would never give anything less to our dogs or support companies that do not share our value for integrity.

Hueter_Toledo_Pawzzle_1_1024x1024Paw-zzle Ball
Buster® Food Cubes & IQ Balls
StarmarkBob-A-Lot Dog Toy
P57957PEverlasting Ball


Untitled-2Extreme Kong®
Untitled-1Treat Tower Treat Dispenser


BISMBCCMerrick Bones
16024Primal Frozen Bones