50% of the profits from the sale of the
artwork are donated to For the Love of Pits®

Limited edition vintage posters

Each poster is hand signed and numbered by the artist
Each poster measures 24″ x 36″
Each poster comes rolled in a tube
Each poster is $95 + shipping.


Jonny JUSTICE Grace (pink) Hector Jhumpa Jones
2010 Jonny Justice
J.J. is a survivor of Vick’sBad Newz Kennels.Limited to 1000

2010 Grace (pink)
Grace is a survivor of Vick’sBad Newz Kennels.Limited to 100

2010 Hector
Certified therapy dog.This poster comes with Hector’s storyLimited to 2000

Jhumpa Jones!
The whole world smiles with youThe little engine that couldLimited to 1000

Grace (brown) Mopito Pitini Rednose sunscreen
2010 Grace
Grace is a survivor of Vick’sBad Newz Kennels.Limited to 1000

2008 Mopito
Havana ClubAll breeds welcomeLimited to 1000

2007 Pitini
Strong and sweet, overflowing with love
Stop breed specific legislation, Support pit bull rescu

Limited to 1000

2008 Rednose sunscreen
A light-hearted compliment to”Breech the Chains of Cruelty”Limited to 1000

Pinky Amstaff Break the Chains
Limited to 1000
2008 Amstaff
Extra fine, the gentleman’s cocktail, stop breed
specific legislation, love/loyalty.

2006 Break the Chains
Break the chains of cruelty. Bring all dogs inside.
Our canine friends deserve love and companionship.

Limited to 5000

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2008 Greytini
Very sweet, very special!
Feel their effect in lightning speed.

Limited to 1000


Pug Trip Rasberry Pugtini Pugarita Porto Pug
2006 Pug Trip
Greatest pug travelsSaving pugs in every cityLimited to 1000

Rasberry Pugtini
Rasberry, very sweet.
Limited to 1000

Always sweet, a bit fruity, never sourThe Pug Bar, support pug rescue.Limited to 1000

Porto Pug Classico
Port, vintage pug.
Support pug rescue, drink more wine.

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Golden Retrievers

Golden Beer Golden Dog Golden Cabernet Goldentini
2010 Golden Beer
Saltare Per La Birra DoratoJump for golden beer.Limited to 1000

2009 Golden Dog Champagne
Gold Medal Winner 2009Napa ValleyLimited to 1000

2008 Golden Cabernet
Deep expressive aromas and flavors – Softened with ageVelvety texture – Aromas of golden caramelA perennial favorite – Elegant finish

Medium-bodied with pure and silky tannins.

Limited to 1000

2008 Goldentini
A faithful friend to the end
support golden rescue.

Limited to 1000

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Boxertini Hear Me Red boxer ale Boxer Margarita
2007 Boxertini
Never sour, sometimes fruity, always sweet
Cheers to Boxer Rescue!

Limited to 1000

Hear Me
Hear me loud and clear
My color should not make me a target

Equality for white Boxers

I am beautiful!

Limited to 1000

2005 Red Boxer Ale
Fawn over the flavorSupport boxer rescueLimited to 1000

2008 Goldentini
Pass the Salt!
Limited to 1000

Boxer Bash White Boxer
2002 Boxer Bash
Come join the fun!
2002 Boxer Bash

Northeastern Boxer Rescue

$115 (plus shipping)

Limited to 100

White Boxer

Ships rolled in large tube

Ready to stretch onto frame

$200 (includes shipping)

Limited to 50

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Labrador Retrievers

2008 Labtini
Very sweet, everyone loves them!
Flavors: Yellow Black Chocolate.

Support labrador rescue.

Limited to 1000

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