How We Began

I am inherently a rescuer.  From my early childhood, I would bring home stray cats.  If I saw an animal unaccompanied by a human, I had to help.  I would attempt to find each homeless animal a new home when I was unable to find their owners.  I was never permitted to own a dog so my neighbors generously offered to let me walk their dog, Alouette.

In college, at the end of the school year, students would merely let go of their animals since they were heading home or traveling.  Because I stayed in my apartment during summer months, I would always come across the stray dogs.  I never looked at the dog to determine breed prior to helping the dog; I merely saw a helpless dog left to fend for itself.  I never thought about it, I just knew I had to help.  I rehomed many dogs, including pit bull dogs, during my college and law school years.

It was common in our first apartment to watch shows on Animal Planet, including “Animal Precinct” and “AGrace 2003nimal Cops Detroit.”    One night while watching Animal Cops Detroit, I though “they can’t all be bad.  I’m getting a pit bull.”  This was in response to the Michigan shelter killing all pit bull dogs, even though their tails were wagging while being injected.

Even though I had over 6 months before I was able to bring a dog home, being naturally impatient, I began my search for my dog.  I knew I wanted a tan/fawn colored dog to match my furniture and the interior of my home.   Now being a rescuer, I always hate when people are looking for a particular color!  In stark contrast to the current situation, the only pit bull dog I could find online at that time was over a 45 minute drive from my then-current residence.

Of course, I went to meet her.  After that, I spent every weekend with her until I was able to bring her  home.  This is where it all began.