Adoption Information

For the Love of Pits® is always looking for qualified candidates who are interested in providing a permanent home to one of our available dogs. We believe that owning a dog is a lifetime commitment full of responsibility and love. We adopt out our dogs only to families who share this belief and who understand that unforeseen events will arise in the future and it is our responsibility as owners to protect our dogs and commit to them no matter what the future brings.

The first step in the process is for you to complete the adoption application. The adoption application helps us get to know you and your lifestyle, which, in turn, helps us find the right dog for you. Please be sure to fill in ALL fields on the adoption application and to answer each question fully and truthfully. If required fields are left blank, the application will not be submitted to our volunteers. If we receive incomplete applications, such applications will not be reviewed until fully completed.

We understand that you are excited to speak with us and visit our dogs and we try to review the fully completed applications as soon as possible; however, because all of our volunteers work full time, the application review may take up to 5 days. This means you may not hear from us for 5 days. We will do our best to call sooner, though. Please do not worry. Adoptions are not based on first come, first served basis. We give everyone a fair chance so we can ensure that our dogs are placed in the right home for them and that the people will be happy with the dog they adopt.

Thank you for considering our dogs,
For the Love of Pits®