Hank’s exuberant, charismatic personality wins over even the toughest critics.  His huge smile is contagious and people cannot resist smiling back and engaging this sweet boy in puppy talk.  He has never met a person or child he hasn’t loved, and it’s clear people love him back.   

Hank craves human affection and attention.   If there’s a person in his presence, Hank will be found by the person’s side (or on the person’s lap).   He wants to be as close to people as he can get; at 70 pounds, he is not  the ideal lap dog for everyone.  So, he is learning about “personal space” and is becoming more respectful everyday.  This boy is enthusiastic no matter the task, including smothering everyone with kisses.  In everything he does, it’s clear Hank’s priority is to make his humans happy.  He knows that when his humans are pleased, he gets exactly what he wants—ATTENTION! 

Since Hank is quick to learn, and because he is highly food motivated, he is easy to train.  For the Love of Pits uses no-force training techniques with our rescue dogs to make learning fun and strengthen the relationship between human and canine.  Hank swiftly took to clicker training and learned a myriad of tricks including: “sit,” “down,” “paw,” “other paw,” “watch me,” “stay” and he’s working daily to add “roll over” to his repertoire.  Hank loves to learn and the mental stimulation helps curb this high energy gentleman.   Hank’s on-leash manners improve daily.  He is learning to control his enthusiasm on leash, and his manners are improving with each walk and training session.

It was clear from the first night in his foster home that Hank makes everything fun, including crate training.  As we tossed treats into the back of his crate, he leapt happily into his crate.  In and out he went without a thought.   Within a short period of time, Hank was relaxing in his crate with a huge smile on his face.  Because Hank’s fun knows no bounds, we have a Kuranda bed in his crate instead of blankets to prevent pieces of blanket ending up in his belly.   Thankfully, Hank enjoys Durable Nylabones and other toys made for powerful chewers.

If only all toys were made the same, Hank would be in heaven.  Hank is known in his foster home as the toy terminator.  He loves to tear apart toys, balls and anything he can get in his mouth.  He loves squeaky balls, but they are too easy to destroy and he swallows the pieces, leaving his fosters worried sick!   Because Hank is a power chewer and wants to swallow everything he puts in his mouth, he can only have toys for powerful chewers and, even then, his fosters watch him closely.  Unfortunately, Hank got a hold of toys during the night and he recently had emergency surgery for a blockage.  As a result, he cannot be left unsupervised with toys.  

Hank loves his foster brothers and is respectful of each dog’s limitations, appropriately playing with each dog’s differing play styles.  He plays gently with his elderly foster brother and wrestles with his younger, more agile foster brother.  Hank is skilled at reading other dogs and, as always, just wants to have fun and make everyone, including his doggy mates, happy.  Hank loves having fun with his foster brothers in the backyard.  In the heat, he slows down quickly and after a short play session, Hank can be found sunbathing or chewing on a Nylabone on his Kuranda dog bed. Hank will do best in a home with other dogs.  

Hank is a remarkable dog and never fails to put a smile on the faces of all in his presence.  He has lived with cats and children.  He is housebroken and crate trained.  He is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative,  microchipped and neutered.   We place dogs in homes that are within driving distance.  We conduct pre- and post-placement home checks.  The adoption donation for Hank is $275.

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Please note: Invisible Fencing is not an acceptable means of confinement.