Hope’s only desire is to be a part of a family where the people reciprocate the love and commitment she has for them. Hope is up for anything. If you want to cuddle all day on the sofa, Hope will be the first under the covers. If you want to go for a long hike, Hope will be sitting quietly by the door waiting for you to leash her. As long as she’s with her people, she’s happy.

Think of your worst day at work and entering your home to a wagging tail, smiling face and kisses. This is how Hope greets her foster Dad. From the time you arrive home, Hope will be quietly by your side, going room-to-room with you. If you want her attention, she’ll be there; if you need to get things done, Hope can entertain herself with her toys. You may find her quietly watching you with her sweet, longing eyes, pulling you in and softly communicating how thankful she is to be in your life. 

Hope has a variety of toys, including Nylabones, rope bones, food dispensing toys, and balls. She enjoys playing fetch in the yard when the weather is nice. Hope’s intelligence shines through when she is working to empty a food cube or food puzzle. 

Hope loves having her ears, head, and back scratched, and her facial expressions are sure to keep you laughing! Hope enjoys sunbathing, car rides, and ice cream cones.

Prior to her days with For the Love of Pits, Hope was bounced around from home to home and led a sheltered life. She never left the house, and had no idea what the world had to offer (people, toys, and squirrels!). Having experienced the best life has to offer since in foster care, Hope is now playful, inquisitive, and excited to meet people. Although now a gregarious, funny gal, in new places, she observes until she feels safe. Her past obviously impacted her but you wouldn’t notice if you are to see her in her foster home now that she trusts her foster family. After a few months of getting to know a new forever family, Hope’s curiosity, loyalty, and playfulness will steal your heart and you’ll quickly forget that she was ever timid!

Hope has lived with both dogs and cats in her previous home, however, needs a home that is willing to work with her to become comfortable and trusting in her new home before introductions can begin. For the Love of Pits can refer a great trainer who has helped us with identical circumstances. Hope is crate/house trained and chooses to lay in crate for comfort if the household becomes busy. During thunderstorms, Hope can also be found either in her crate, or in her other “safe spot”, the bath tub!! Hope is a quick learner and is ready to show off her skills!

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Please note: Invisible Fencing is not an acceptable means of confinement.