Recommended Products & Favorite Things

We at For the Love of Pits™ are adamant that the products we purchase and companies we support are of the highest quality and integrity.  We look for products made in the U.S.A. by companies that care about our planet and do not test on animals. Over the years, we have tried countless products for our powerful chewers, dogs with medical issues, and dogs who have extreme behaviors due to their horrible pasts with which we must work. Only the best products made our list and are identified below.  Each product on this page is either used for our dogs and/or purchased for our households – not because we have (or will) received donations or are receiving a benefit from any of these companies.  Always supervise your dogs with toys and periodically check to be sure no pieces are broken off and the items are not worn down. Even the items listed below can be worn down and destroyed by powerful chewers.  If you take our advice or have other products you think our dogs would enjoy, please let us know by emailing us at