Foster Information


Fostering a dog can be such a rewarding experience.   Not only do fosters save lives but they also help the dog navigate through the confusing process from rescue through placement into his/her forever home.   Being a successful foster parent entails equal parts patience, consistency, understanding and the ability to love an animal without getting too attached.

We receive numerous calls and emails daily from owners, people who have found stray dogs, police, wardens, cruelty officers, rescuers, humane society staff and others requesting that we rescue pit bull dogs that will be killed if a rescue does not come forward.  Because we are such a small organization, we are generally unable to help.  However, you can help us help more dogs if you open your home and become a foster home for For the Love of Pits.  The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we are able to help!

For the Love of Pits pays for veterinary care, monthly heartworm and basic obedience class.  If needed, For the Love of Pits provides a crate to the foster home for the rescue dog.  Fosters pay for quality food, treats, toys, blankets and other similar items.

Here are just a few responsibilities of our Fosters:

  1. To provide daily care.
    Just like owning a pet, this includes feeding, exercise, waste clean-up and positive, loving interactions, as well as being on the lookout for any emerging medical or behavioral issues.
  2. To provide a safe, loving, predictable and consistent home environment. 
    Many dogs are returned to humane societies because the dogs do not have manners, do not listen or are not sufficiently trained.  As a Foster, you have the chance to teach the dog just what love is all about, in the form of consistent training, predictable routines, play and affection.
  3. To attend Obedience Classes.
    Many of the dogs we rescue have never learned basic obedience or good manners.  Our goal is to provide each dog basic obedience training so that they are well-behaved ambassadors upon adoption.  Classes will be held once a week for six weeks and the Foster will need to work with the dog each day.
  4. To allow prospective parties meet the dog in its home environment. 
    After an interested party is screened in accordance with our policies and we believe we’ve found a potential forever home, we will work with you to arrange a meet-and-greet.  We will solicit your input to help us match up the best possible family with each dog.
  5. To provide feedback.
    Your role is to provide truthful and complete information about the dog. We’ll also want to know how you are doing.  We want to make your experience the most positive it can be!