Sponsor a Dog

Are you interested in helping one of our dogs but are unable to provide a forever home or to become a caregiver?  If so, please consider sponsoring one of our wonderful, deserving dogs.

Each dog in our program costs our rescue, on average, $475 depending on his or her specific medical needs and length of stay.  To give our dogs a better chance, however, our adoption fee is only $150-$200.  As a result, we absorb more than half of the medical costs and costs of other basic necessities for our dogs.  

Many of the dogs we bring in are very sick, have broken bones or need expensive treatment or surgery.   In addition to medical expenses, the dogs need, among other things, quality food, treats, crates, toys, monthly flea and heartworm prevention and harnesses or gentle leader head collars.  Consequently, our volunteers fund the majority of the dogs’ care. 

We established the sponsor-a-dog program so that we are able to keep the dogs in our care happy and healthy, and so that we are able to continue rescuing, which is of utmost importance.  We want the ability to provide more than just the bare minimum to these dogs; we want the ability to provide each dog with high quality food, treats, toys, a crate, collar, name tag, monthly flea and heartworm prevention, microchip and a harness or gentle leader head collar.

We basic obedience train each pit bull that enters our program.  Our goal is to have each dog CGC certified.  In this precarious time, we need our pits to be well socialized members of society and we understand it begins with us. 

Sponsorship can be rewarding for school classrooms, retirement home residents, and others who can’t adopt a pet of their own but want to be a part of helping homeless animals.  You can also sponsor a dog in honor or memory of a loved one.


When you choose to become a sponsor for one of our amazing dogs, we will:

  • Identify you as the dog’s sponsor.  You may sponsor a dog in your personal name, in memory or in honor of another person or pet, in your company’s name or however you choose.  If you sponsor a dog in the name of your company, you may provide a logo and we will link to your website if directed by you. 
  • Knowledge that you are making a difference in a dog’s life and helping make the dog more attractive to prospective owners.


Each dog needs sponsors!

1st Step:  To sponsor-a-dog, please choose a For the Love of Pits’ dog you wish to sponsor and at which sponsorship level.

2nd Step:  Send us your donation.  Donate via the Donate button below or send us a check at the address set forth below.  If you donate via Paypal, please identify the dog you wish to sponsor and the level you wish to sponsor the dog.  If you donate by check, please include the information with your payment.
For the Love of Pits
P.O. Box 19292
Cleveland, Ohio 44119


3rd Step:  Once we have received the donation, you will be identified as the dog’s sponsor.

Sponsor-a-dog program sponsorship levels:

One-time donation of $175

Donations made by Liberators are applied to the initial expenses paid by For the Love of Pits for, among other things, the sponsored dog’s:*

  • Shelter pull fee (if any);
  • Spay / Neuter ;
  • Vaccinations, testing, deworming, microchipping & medications; and 
  • Heartworm and flea preventative.
Minimum $55 a month

Donations made by Sustainers are applied to the sponsored dog’s monthly costs for heartworm prevention, flea medication, high quality food and treats for obedience training until the dog is placed in his/her forever home.*
One-time donation of $85

Motivators give the gift of education and help us make the dog more desirable to the public!  This donation covers the cost of one basic obedience class at a no-force training center.
One time donation of $235, pus $55 a month for at least 6 months or until the dog is placed in his/her forever home (whichever is first to occur).

Guardian Angels cover most of the dogs initial expenses (including those listed above) and helps with the sponsored dog’s monthly expenses for a time.

** Because the needs of each dog may be different, the donation may be used towards medical treatments not identified above as a substitute for a specific item listed above.