The media has not been kind to “pit bull” dogs.  As a result, the reputation of the American pit bull terrier and pit bull dogs has been tarnished and the dogs and their owners have suffered significantly.  Because of the current hostile environment in which we live, owners of “pit bull” dogs must be more responsible than the average dog owner.  There is no room for error.  Each individual dog represents the entire breed/type of dog when in public.  Consequently, owners must ensure their dogs are well behaved in public and represent the entire breed/type of dog positively.

It is up to us, as responsible dog owners, to restore the reputation of the “pit bull” dog.  For the Love of Pits® urges all pit bull owners to train your dogs to be well-behaved in public and to be ambassadors.  For the Love of Pits wants to help owners of “pit bull” type dogs who are otherwise not able to afford training or who merely want to train your dogs in a nonjudgmental, friendly and supportive environment.  If you are interested in training that will strengthen your relationship with your dog, we have classes for you! 

We are now offering our popular training classes to the public.  Our classes will help you and your dog better communicate and will strengthen you and your dog’s relationship. 

Your dog will be better behaved in your home and in the community as long as you are willing to work with your dog in between classes.