“We couldn’t have imagined adopting a dog from a better organization. Thanks to FTLOP, Satchmo really got a second chance. We got wonderful support and teaching on positive techniques for training. FTLOP has not only given us a great dog, but they have also helped us become better, more responsible dog owners. Bacchus, Jon and I love Satchmo, and we are thankful every day to have met the amazing people at FTLOP.”

-Jenny Kuo


“We were just devastated at the thought of having to rehome our bulldog after his aggression toward our other bulldog became more than we could manage. Shana and Tisha from For the Love of Pits were our saviors. We were taught new training and de-escalation techniques dealing with resource guarding to bring our household back to a peaceful place. If it wasn’t for FTLOP, I don’t know if our family would be as perfect as it is now. We can never give enough thanks and fully support FTLOP!”

-The Davis family




“Everything changed for us the day Michael came into our lives. Our son had been afraid of dogs for years, but with the support and guidance of Shana and Marlo from For the Love of Pits, we were able to find the perfect dog for us and to get our son ready to have a dog in his life. I will never forget Michael’s adoption day when our son said with satisfaction, ‘Now he’s OUR dog!’ It’s been seven months since he became part of our family, and it’s hard to remember what life was like without him.”

-John Congdon


My husband Anthony discovered a dog left tied to a tree in the woods behind his building at work. He was left with no water and a bag of food he could no longer reach. No one knows how long he was there. He was and is so lovable and just wanted attention. Of course, we brought him home! His sweet face is such a bright spot in our day. Our kids all love him so much. Fortunately, my sister in law told us about Marlo at For the Love of Pits. She, along with their trainer was gracious enough to come out to our house to meet our Vito and give us some valuable tips and advice about Pit Bulls. We are so grateful for their dedication and their love for this breed which is immeasurable. Pits just want to be loved and we are going to give him the love he needs and deserves. Vito is part of our family and we are blessed to have him. Thank you, For the Love of Pits!”

-Angela Zambito



“When my world crashed and I thought I was going to lose my ‘kids’ For the Love of Pits came to our Rescue and kept my family together!”

-Dawn Marie